Children toys space ,parents should not ignore the importance of it

Children Toys Space ,Parents Should Not Ignore The Importance of It
ldren's toys
Caico uses toy games not just play, but a good form of education for children. For example, the child is in the game, sometimes playing "traffic police", holding a baton, seriously directs the vehicle and pedestrians; sometimes playing "doctors", giving patients to see a doctor; sometimes also use building blocks "building building", seeming to be architect. Regardless of what the child is playing, I have to imagine what kind of "role" I play, to imitate their movements and language, experience their feelings and attitudes to people, from the middle school, people are serious and responsible, warm people Waiting for noble quality, such a game has laid a good foundation for the child in the future.
Use Toy Games to cultivate good personality in infants and young children, is an effective means for children's ideological and moral education. Young children imitating adults in the game, experiencing the attitude of labor and all things, experiencing people's thoughts and feelings, can gradually understand the moral behavior of society and the fashion.
Use toy games to make aesthetic education for young children. Colorful games have created conditions for young children to create a sense of beauty. In the game, they can not only feel the beauty, but also improve the aesthetic ability, and learn to use various means to create beauty.

Good growth

The significance of children's toy structural games is mainly through young children to build various objects or buildings, can promote the habit of thinking development and hands-on, to form a hand brain and use, can directly understand various substances in the process of using various materials. Performance, understand the shape, quantity of various materials, and the knowledge and experience of using various materials in the structure, and the child's design, conception ability, can also be exercised. If the building block should be a piece of land, a layer of floor is built, build a building, cultivated a reservoir, will succeed in multiple failures, this is a good way to exercise the will of younger children.

1, toys to mobilize children's enthusiasm
The development of children's body and mind is achieved in activities. Toy can be freely fell, manipulate and use, and meet the psychological hobbies and ability levels of young children. It can meet the needs of their activities and improve their enthusiasm. For example, "rocking horses" toys, children will naturally ride, and swing before and after they meet their activities and make them active and pleasant emotions. Another example is the "doll" toy, can cause young children to do multiple activities, and children who have their own life experience, with dolls, can be made up of simple to complex, change multi-end.
2, toys enhance sensibility
Toy is characterized by intuitive image, children can touch, take, listen, blow, see, etc., which is conductive to various senses. Such as colored sets, blow molding, various dolls, and toys, various dolls and toy animals, etc. are beneficial to visual training; eight sound bear, small piano, bell drum, small tissue, etc. can be trained; building blocks, plastic film, structure model can be developed Space perception; various puzzles, inlaid toys, soft plastic toys, etc., can exercise touch; pull ducks, trolley, tricycles, two-wheeled car, etc., also helps the development of sports. The toy is in the development of feelings and exercise, not only has the sensibility of young children, but also helps to consolidate the impression of young children in life. When the young children are not widely reached in real life, they are to know the world through toys.
3, toys cause Lenovo activities
Such as the toys of the hospital, the doll home toys can lead to the liberation of hospitals and families to promote creative role games; some labor tools can cause children to plant trees, digging, and buildings. Some toys are dedicated to thinking training, such as various chess, various intellectual toys, etc., can improve early childhood analysis, integration, comparison, judgment, reasoning, etc., cultivate thinking depth, flexibility and agility.
4, positive thinking, imagination
And exhibited through other activities of your hand or body. If you play "plastic" toys, children must be conceived, to enhance, choose materials for achieving established purposes; when they are assembled, they must do both hands and brains. Children will encounter some difficulties when using toys, these difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome, and insist on completing the task, and cultivating the hardships of difficulties, struggle.