Application of RFID Wristbands

With the widespread use of RFID technology, many new products using RFID technology have emerged. RFID wristband is one of them. RFID wristbands are widely used in various industries, and their functions are also different. Now we will introduce the application of RFID wristband.

In the medical industry, hospitals can first determine the patient’s injury through the chip in the RFID wristband. When there are many injured at the disaster site, the doctor can determine which patients need surgery in the first time through wristband scanning. Which patients can be transferred to the rear for treatment. The information sent to the mobile hospital through the scanning chip in advance can help doctors determine the surgical plan in advance, so that they can be treated as soon as they arrive at the mobile hospital. With the use of RFID technology, the hospital can be more fully prepared when treating patients and save more time.

It can also be used in prisons. Inmates wear wrist tags and install readers and locators at the main entrances and exits of the prison. When the inmates reach the effective sensing area of the locator, the locator sends their position information to the wrist tag. The tag then transmits the received position signal and its own ID information to the reader, and the reader transmits the information to the computer. The computer system makes a unified analysis of whether the ID information and address information of the wrist tag is normal. Whether the activity status is abnormal. If an abnormality is found, an alarm is issued and the prison management is notified.