Application of RFID readers

Application of RFID readers

RFID technology is used in many industries, such as:
Inventory management
Asset tracking
Personnel tracking
Control access to restricted areas
supply chain management
Anti-counterfeiting (for example in the pharmaceutical industry)

In order to make sense, there is an practical example that contain function and theory.

That is, library container RFID application

Install RFID tags for the material boxes or trays in the automated vertical library, and install RFID readers at the entrances and exits of the vertical library, conveying lines, stackers/shuttles and other positions. When the container passes through the RFID reader, it can be automatically read and scanned.

The APPLICATION of RFID in the automatic library is usually used in combination with the automatic conveying line to improve the accuracy and efficiency of container label reading. Compared with the traditional coding method, RFID has lower requirements on container location, Angle and so on.

The advantages of using RFID technology in stereo library are:
To improve the efficiency and accuracy of scanning containers in and out of storage;
Assist to realize the real-time transparent tracking of container position, state and usage;
Can help the warehouse to carry out quick inventory, improve efficiency;
Combined with automatic production line application, warehousing, logistics, production integration, for the future automation, unmanned, intelligent factory laying the foundation.