Application of NFC Technology in Large Banquets and Theme Parks(Nylon RFID Wristband)

Today, many vendors at event sites accept contactless payments, and users can pay via NFC stickers or Nylon rfid wristband affixed to the back of mobile devices. With NFC in mobile devices, wristbands, and smart cards, users can easily make cashless payments, share content, or log in to social media. These advantages have greatly attracted the interest of event organizers everywhere. A series of activities such as sports, entertainment and leisure have begun to use NFC technology.

Some popular music festivals allow ticket holders to choose to "fit" cash on wristbands. These wristbands will be revoked after the festival ends, and the remaining amount will be returned to the user's credit or debit card account. All in all, NFC is appearing more and more frequently at various events, festivals and theme parks.

Large Banquet
The New York Public Library's opening dinner provided nearly 30,000 different cocktails made by 150 different bartenders, making it difficult for participants to post their favorite cocktails on social media.

To solve this problem, the organizer distributed a nylon rfid wristband to each guest and instructed them to touch the NFC reader on the bar with the wristband. During the banquet, guests can log in directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. A networked photo station was installed at the party, where guests could use their wristbands to automatically update pictures, post real-time messages at touch points on the library wall, or even post information about the cocktails they were enjoying.

In addition, some smart posters were reasonably distributed at the party. Guests can use their NFC wristbands to swipe the posters to buy lottery tickets or other merchandise.

Theme Park
In order to bring more joy to tourists, Disneyland, one of the world's most famous entertainment venues, has installed a system called FastPass, which uses RFID technology and iPad to speed up ticketing operations.

Visitors need to select a series of FastPass attractions in advance and receive a list afterwards. Upon arrival at Disney, staff will give them RFID wristbands, just swipe the wristbands under a scanner designed for FastPass. Of course, these wristbands have a built-in RFID chip. Before you arrive, your name, credit card information and favorite attractions data will be stored, and your personal information will be stored encrypted, so it can be used as a ticket. This is also a way of ticket checking, which saves visitors the time of queuing and the labor cost of manual ticket checking.

According to the Disney project, when tourists arrive at the scheduled time, they only need to wave the RFID wristband at the sensor to transmit the booking information to the iPad of nearby staff.

In addition, visitors can interact with sensors at various attractions through the use of RFID wristbands, as well as launch a series of interactive projects. When you enter the space mountain, the machine will automatically call your name and say hello to you, this place that is already full of interaction will become more interactive in the future.