Analysis of Chinese china kid toy supplier

Many mothers must import toys to buy toys. For example, the most common Fisher-Price Appeasement Seahorse. Some mothers on the Internet have vowed to say that Fisher-Price Seahorse is produced in the United States and produced in the United States. In fact, all of Fisher's seahorses are produced in China, and not only the Fisher's seahorses, but also 80% of the world's children's toys are produced in China. Therefore, the manufacturing level of China's children's toys is basically in a leading position in the world.
Why is it basic?
Because the manufacturing level of two toy brands is really impossible to surpass, one is Lego, the other is Lego-Pelto, known as soft Lego.
Lego enthusiasts all have a consensus that the domestically produced Star Diamond Bangbao can already be perfectly compatible with Lego, but there is still a clear gap in detail and quality.
The exact ingredients of Perot are high-level commercial secrets. This is the same as Coca-Cola. If you don't get the core formula, it is difficult to surpass the domestic colored clay in a short time.
In addition to Lego and Pelto, nearly 80% of the world's toys are made in China. From this perspective, we can basically say that we are the global leader in the manufacturing level of children's toys.
There is a news documentary in the NetEase Open Class, which was filmed by a German called "A Beautiful Gift: Chinese Toys".
Then, the reporter began investigating Chinese factories, focusing on the workers' living environment, age, minimum income standard, and working hours, in order to accuse the crimes of capitalism. In this process, the reporter did not mention the quality of domestic toys. This tells us from a certain aspect: Although capitalist toy brands continue to squeeze and exploit Chinese workers, the quality of toys produced in China is not much different from those made in Germany.
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