A Shoal Floating Play Tent That Floats In The Middle of The Water

A Shoal floating play tent that floats in the middle of the water

Some of the most popular campsites in the world are no doubt right next to bodies of water, but the coast can be a bit crowded for us, especially when holidays come around and the coast is usually packed with people. That's why SmithFly designed the ShoalTent, which is a tent that floats in the middle of the water, taking the tent level to the next level.

If you want to go camping outdoors, tent is one of the necessary equipment, shelter from wind and rain, rest and sleep. This kind of comfort and convenience must bring you a special feeling. It's not uncommon to sleep in a floating tent in the air, but it's definitely not uncommon to sleep in a floating tent in the water. Take a look at this Shoal floating tent.

The overall use of rodless structure, with 100% inflatable structure as the feature, inflatable structure can withstand the invasion of strong wind and heavy rain;

The base is designed by rubber boat, easy to float in the water body; 6 "leaky needle high-pressure bottom design can also double as an air mattress; The tent is made from a waterproof, heavy-duty design with a sturdy #8 zipper; The side is also equipped with detachable hooks and carabiners for quick and simple disassembly; The overall size is 8 by 8 feet, and the height design is also very reasonable, which can accommodate a 1.90 meter person standing comfortably inside; In addition, the Shoal floating tent is collapsible for easy storage and portability; Last but not least, it is equipped with an inflator so that it can be filled whenever needed.