What is RFID reader writer

1. What is RFID
RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, that is, Radio Frequency Identification. It is often called induction chip or proximity card, induction card, contactless card, electronic label, electronic bar code, etc.
A complete RFID system is composed of Reader and Transponder. Its action principle is that Reader transmits an infinite wave energy of a specific frequency to Transponder to drive the Transponder circuit to send out the internal ID Code, and then Reader receives the ID Code. Transponder is special in that it is battery-free, contactless and card-free, so it is not afraid of dirty, and the chip password is the only one in the world that can not be copied, with high security and long life.
At present, the typical applications of RFID are animal wafer, automobile wafer anti-theft device, access control, parking lot control, production line automation, material management. There are two kinds of RFID tags: active tag and passive tag.
The following is the internal structure of the tag: the schematic diagram of the chip + antenna and the RFID system
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